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Surveys are exceptional tools for researching the profiles, preoccupations, needs, beliefs, opinions and priorities held by a select group. They demonstrate tendencies and allow us to develop well-supported theories.

In May 2012, Breton Communications initiated the first-ever survey of Canadian eyecare professionals in order to create a benchmark for the vision care community and provide a baseline for future comparisons.

The questionnaire was lengthy but the response rate was a remarkable 20%, with a 57% completion rate. The final results demonstrated a 4.13% margin of error with a 95% confidence level and offered real insight into national tendencies as well demographic segments.

Since 2012, Breton Communications has successfully launched several smaller, follow-up surveys and has established itself as the leading provider of web-based survey solutions for the optical industry.

Available Surveys

2012 Survey of Canadian Eyecare Professionals

2013 Survey of Canadian Eyecare Professionals – SALES

2017-2018 Survey of Canadian Eyecare Professionals